5 Reasons Why Your Chihuahua Needs Clothes

Everywhere we go we see dogs with clothes, especially during colder seasons. One reason for this is, of course, due to social and media labels. Another reason, more powerful, is that some dog breeds need to have some clothes on once in a while.

Chihuahuas clothing industry has grown a lot in recent years. Because it’s such a small dog breed, the choices are endless, in terms of their clothes.

In the UK people are spending thousands of pounds on accessories and clothes to dress their little dog as well as possible. Now let’s see what are some of the most important reasons why your Chihuahua needs clothes.

Why Your Chihuahua Needs Clothes

  1. Keeps Your Chihuahua Warm – This is the most crucial reason for why your little dog will have to be dressed in some clothes. And it may be more common than you think. Being the smallest breed of dog makes your Chihuahua more sensitive. It tends to tremble at low temperatures.
  2. Keeps your Chihuahua Dry – On raining days, if you want to go outside with your Chihuahua, it’s essential to keep it dry. Again, due to its size, it can be a lot more sensitive than other bigger dog breeds. Also, this is a dog that has a life span of 12, 13 or even 20 years. Dressing him, when needed, can protect against hypothermia.
  1. Protection Against Insects – Chihuahuas are frequently exposed to a variety of pests. Especially when the conditions where they live are not that great, some of them can transmit severe infectious disease. It is of high importance to your four-legged companion to be protected against such insects.
  2. Protects Against Skin Allergies – Your Chihuahua, like almost 15% of all dogs, can suffer from skin allergies. By choosing to dress it, you can create a barrier between its skin and the environment. This way, wherever it might go, it will always be protected.
  3. Minimizes Shedding – There are times in your little dog’s life when its hair will fall off. This is normal, and it happens to every dog breed out there. Even so, there are moments when you might want to prevent losing its hair. Those are the moments when it is recommended to dress him in a shirt or a sweater.

What’s Too Much Is Too Much

Be careful. Although this industry is continually growing, there are also other aspects that you must take into account. It’s nothing wrong with dressing your dog when it needs. Or for some photos, or an event. But if you do this too often, you can psychologically harm it.

Pay attention to the materials you use. Make sure they fit well, and your Chihuahua feels comfortable. Your Chihuahua’s body language can say a lot. There’s no point in stressing it. The main reason why you dress it is to protect it.

No matter what other people say, Chihuahua is one of the kindest dog breed out there. Loyal and sometimes too noisy, this little dog will always be the centre of attention.

Chihuahua’s clothing industry will always be growing. After all, if you take care of it, buy a DNA test and from time to time you take it to the vet, this little companion can be with you for a long time.

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