Chihuahua’s Nutritional Needs

Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog with one of the biggest personality.

It’s a temperamental one. However, it’s a smart, loyal and caring soul. With other words, even though he has a big personality, he has a lot to offer.

Generally, it is a healthy breed. However, Chihuahuas are more susceptible to lifestyle-related health problems, especially because they live long lives.

Those who have a Chihuahua know why this breed of dog is so loved. It can be your companion a good part of your life. Their life span can vary from 12, 13 or 14 years to even 20 years. To keep him healthy diet is of major importance.

When To Feed Your Chihuahua

Puppies up to 3 months or up to 1 kilogram, or 2 lbs, should have food at their discretion. Leaving a bowl with food at sight and refreshing it from time to time works best in their first months. Free-feeding allows your Chihuahua to adjust his eating hours on his own.

From 3 months on, either puppies or adults, it is recommended to offer them 3 meals a day. This is the perfect timing of a meal’s synchronicity for most dogs.

In most cases, the majority of people are not home for lunch. That’s how life works.

So, you could leave a meal’s worth of food in a treat-dispensing toy. Most of them are durable enough to handle heavy chewing thanks to their versatile rubber composition.

There are enough options to provide your little Chihuahua with some motivation to play with this toy to get a few more beans from his favourite food while keeping it busy and active.

How Many Calories Should Your Chihuahua Eat?

In general, it depends from case to case. Even so, for puppies, it is recommended 100 calories per kilogram of body weight per day or 50 calories per pound. That’s because they are growing and they need to develop as well as possible. For adults, it is recommended 70 – 80 calories per kilogram or 35 – 40 calories per pound of body weight.

Food Recipes For Chihuahua

It is important to offer it the highest-quality food available.

Chihuahua’s ancestor, Techichi, was a hunter. So, even if your Chihuahua will eat vegetables and grain, you should opt for food that has meat as the first ingredient.

Chihuahua’s teeth are not the greatest. That’s why you should choose food that has small-sized kibble, to help strengthen them. However, you can mix a bit of wet food with its dry food. Just give it a try and see if it likes it.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 should not be missing from your little dog’s diet. Your dog’s fur will benefit from these fatty acids.

Avoid artificial additives at any cost. They don’t bring any benefit to your dog. Another aspect to be taken into consideration is to select foods with glucosamine. This will help your Chihuahua to prevent or reduce joint-related conditions.

Your Chihuahua Should Eat Healthy, Just Like You

It is said that as the owner is so is the dog. Your Chihuahua will treat you as if you were his best friend. That’s how you should treat it too.

Besides playing with him, offering a shelter, taking care of him through frequent vet visits and DNA tests, nutrition plays an important role in its life.

Choosing what’s best for your Chihuahua, in the end, means choosing what’s best for you. Do your homework and offer it a great life.

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