Q. Why PetGenoma is providing a better life quality for dogs?

A genetic test can help diagnose a genetic condition. When you have an accurate diagnosis, the appropriate treatment can be given, and you have a better chance of finding support and take measures to keep the risk to a minimum.

The results of a genetic test can provide useful information to improve and provide a better quality of life for your dog. 

Q. How does PetGenoma work?

In 4 simple steps, you can find out about the health of your dog. Starts with a sample from your dog, we designed a non-invasive swab (is not a brush like the competitors that is very uncomfortable for dogs) These are soft and small swabs easy to use, to take a cheek swab to collect a DNA sample from your dog. Then is sent to the lab in a prepaid envelope – included in the price- where we are going to scan the barcode sticker associated with your registration process online. At the laboratory, we will scan for over 200+ diseases registered in the canine genomic research worldwide.  We use our own proprietary algorithms and computational development done by our renowned scientists and experts from several countries considering and updating the research every day for the benefit of your dog. You can read more about https://petgenoma.com/dog-genetic-testing/about-the-test 

Q. How accurate is PetGenoma?

We use the utmost advanced technology in both Next Generation Sequencing and in Lab Computerization with scientifically validated tests to deliver the best quality and accuracy for your results.

Our laboratories use the best technology from the world’s leader in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in state-of-the-art sequencing centers in Europe and the USA. Once your sample has passes quality control goes to the sequencing or analysis process where we look for all mutations and variations registered in your DNA unique data – we offer HYPERPERSONALISED DOG DNA HEALTH TEST – unlike competitors we based our results on your dog only, focusing on your pet as a priority, this process has an Average Call Rate 99.80% and a Reproducibility of >99.9% coverage using over 350,000+ markers evenly space. 

Q. What is a Genetic Marker? 
Genetic markers are places of variation in a dog’s DNA. We analyze both the similarities and differences in these markers looking for the uniqueness of your dog. These Genetic markers are required to identify genetic disease associations we are able to do the interrogation of genetic variation providing ample SNP density for the robust association and copy number variation (CNV).

Q. Who does the Analysis?
PetGenoma was founded with ample experience in Human Genetics before moving to Dog Genetics, we do our validation of our test for accuracy just like we do with Human Genetics making us the leaders in canine DNA Analysis. We use only certified laboratories with experts in the field for analysis, specialists in computational biology, geneticists, and leading authorities on canine sciences. We use proper quality control for each of the samples and USDA-accredited laboratories as well as laboratories with ISO 9001: 2015 certifications.

Q. Is PetGenoma suitable for puppies?

Yes. PETGENOMA is recommended for all dogs of all ages. Our swab design is the perfect size for even a puppy, is soft non-invasive and engineered to have comfort, and is easy to use. Dogs shall not eat or drink before taking the sample for at least 30 min, in the case of puppies still getting nutrition from the mother we recommend a longer time for at least 1 hr with no milk, food, water and extend the time of swabbing to ensure we have no cells from the mother in the swab. Al dog ages will have the benefits of disease prevention with the genetic health test for dogs.

Q. Can PetGenoma identify disease predispositions o any existing health issue?

PETGENOMA is a health genetic test focusing on the health management and disease prevention of dogs. We do screen your dog for over 200+ conditions and the mutations causing diseases including (MDR1) Multidrug resistance gene that a mutation at the MDR1 gene that makes dogs more sensitive to the negative effects of certain medications which we want to know before any complication due to medications. 

Q. What disease screening is available in PetGenoma?

The PETGENOMA health test is a comprehensive detection of varieties as well as 200+ disease-causing mutations. For a complete list of the mutations included in the test, you can message info@petgenoma.com for a scientific report sample.

Q. My dog is a mixed breed, how are my results going to be shown?

It does not impact the results if your dog is a mixed breed, as we use the unique DNA markers of your dog. We are a hyper-personalized analysis of your dog DNA. We focus on the mutations that your dog shows regardless of age, breed, or sex. 

Some genes detected may be linked to a genetically related breed giving additional information on your dog’s genes composition.

Q. How do I use the PetGenoma kit?

Open your kit and follow instructions, use the designed swab to collect a sample from the inside of your dog’s cheek (do not forget our dog must not eat or drink anything 30 min prior to taking the sample)  once taken allocate the sticker barcode, activate your kit online and mail the swabs back to our laboratory in the postage-paid packaging. in approximately 4 weeks you will receive the email notification on your results ready. Log back to petgenoma and see your results.

Q. Do weather conditions affect the quality of the sample in transit?

Is very unlikely that the samples and DNA to be affected, swabs are designed for DNA collection by experts. DNA Cheek sample is stable in transport. In the unlikely event, the sample does not pass quality control, we will send a swab back free of cost.

Q. How will I know if I collected enough DNA samples?

DNA and cells are not visible to the eye on the swabs, but once you place the swab inside the dog’s cheek and firmly rub/roll the swab back and forth for about 30 seconds will be enough material transferred to the swab. Rest assured our lab performs quality checks on every sample prior to analysis which we review and once passed we do the analysis.

Q. How do I activate the PetGenoma kit? (From 27 September 2021)

Go to https://petgenoma.com/dog-genetic-testing/activakit and select Create Account/Activate kit if this is your first kit, put the information requested – email – details of your dog- and the barcode sticker on the sample that allow immediate tracking of your sample as well as updates throughout the process of the test analysis. Please be sure to complete all the required fields.

Q. Where do I find the Sample ID # to check the status of my order?

Your kit ID is the barcode associated with the sample, the sample ID will be on a label barcode inside of the box. 

Q. When should I expect to have the results back?

Majority of results are delivered within 3-4 weeks after our lab receives your dog’s DNA sample, although allow us extended time due to circumstances beyond our control (like COVID-19 delays). You’ll get an email notification when your results are ready and you can always write us back to support@petgenoma.com if you need more information.

Q. What if I have a question about my results?

We are happy to help provide further explanation or answer questions about test results. Please contact us support@petgenoma.com or fill out the Contact us, if you should have any questions regarding your results.

Q. How will my dog’s results deliver to me?

Once your dog’s results are ready, we will email you a notification. You can log in back to the portal and you will be able to see online or to Print Report, which is a PDF that can be downloaded or printed. We advise you to start a conversation with your veterinarian by printing your dog’s Health results report. You should not take any action based on our tests – our tests are informative and based on published research however is best until you have discussed the results with your vet.

Q. Can I get the raw data of the results?

We provide on request the RAW data once your dog’s analysis has been completed, please contact us support@petgenoma.com or fill out the Contact us, to request the uninterpreted data from over 200,000 markers. Once we transfer the data we are not responsible for any further service, research or use of your Raw Data.

Q. Do you share the results with anyone else?

No. We have a strict policy on hyper-personalized dog health reports, which means is unique to you. On request we might use your data (with prior consent) just for research you can visit more about chihuahua research however is about the genes and nothing on our clients we do not share the results of any specific test with anyone without the written consent of the owner in our records.

Q. Can I become an ambassador for PetGenoma?

Thanks for your interest! We do have an Ambassador program, we love to see photos, videos, and hear stories on social media from pet parents who have used PETGENOMA and also we do have an affiliate program if you want to be part of please write us at support@petgenoma.com or fill out the Contact Us. If you share your stories or photos, please tag us @petgenoma and use the hashtag #PEGENOMA so we can hear and maybe share your story with our community! 

Q. Can I become a distributor for PETGENOMA?

Thanks for your interest! Yes, you can become a distributor of PETEGENOMA to be part of us please write to us at support@petgenoma.com or fill out the Contact Us

Q. Can I buy PetGenoma Kits for my veterinary hospital?

Yes, you can!! the mission of PETGENOMA is to provide a better everyday life for your pet, we are particularly interested to keep growing our network of veterinarians and scientist to improve the health of dogs and continue researching please write us at support@petgenoma.com or fill out the Contact Us



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