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Why us

Jackeline Palma : Pet Tech Company That Delivers 100% DNA Data Analysis of Your Pet

PETGENOMA is a Pet Tech company that delivers 100% DNA data analysis of your pet. The Vision of PETGENOMA is to revolutionise pet health care through the power of genetics.

– Best Start Up UK


Official Launch at Veterinarian Show London 2021

Discover us at booth C-27


CEO Jackeline Palma will be speaking at Theatre 2 on November 12th from 2 pm to 3 pm about the power of DNA in Hyperpersonalized medicine for dogs.

Touching topics like:

  • prevention
  • healthcare management
  • selection of treatments
  • identification of risks
  • certifications for breeders on non-mutations
  • certifications of dog DNA and ownership for dog owners

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Donations goes to rescue of dogs, and help with foster homes with challenged health dogs.


Buying the kit not only you help your dog but you also help us with scientific research in Dog Genetics.


Share PetGenoma. Many other dogs will have the benefit of disease prevention.

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