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Chihuahuas is a native breed from Mexico that was brought to Europe as a gift when the conquered came back from Mexico. Originally from the State of Mexico called Chihuahua.

Did you know that the original chihuahua is actually short hair or smooth coat? This is because Chihuahua is a dessert and they live wildly in dug caves, is hot!!

I am contributing with Research to study the few “original” wild chihuahuas in Mexico to protect the breed, research in genes only found in Chihuahuas to give us information on the mutations.

My goal is to preserve the chihuahua’s genetics as is a marvellous breed, smart, intelligent, savvy, very persistent and well you know this cause you have one beautiful (or many) chihuahuas:

1. Expand our research

2. Create the largest database
on the world of canines
– chihuahuas-
3. Use the database to
develop better
4. Design affordable and
more effective therapies
and diagnostics
5. Contribute back to the breeding and sustainability of the wild chihuahua in Mexico

Why I do this?

Jacky and Bridget, we are ready!

PetGenoma has born on the need and wishes to help with the public health and my chihuahua dogs, designing the technology and building it considering the characteristics of the small breeds. Like Chihuahuas!



We have manufactured swabs that are small and comfortable for the small breeds to handle at the time of taking the sample.


We are building the biggest database to study and research about the markers the mutations and all the unique make-up of the dogs to avoiding, mitigating or simply just being prepared.

The mission is to recuperate healthy traits in our beloved chis.
We do analysis of 200,000 markers of dogs to analyse the full genetic information available to:

a) discern the breed or mix breeds

b) understand the genetic traits associated with this particular breed

c) analyse the unique makeup of your dog and understand it

d) promote the health, give you a report in which the outcome is – prevention – 

Let’s say I got a chihuahua that has diet issues, all food seems to be acting on it and I am worried. Maybe is a mutation and can be the equivalent of celiac disease in humans and therefore… we need a diet suggestion.

Like these … are thousands of examples of what you can change and implement measures now to improve their health.

Because this has been my goal is the reason I am doing this research, this product is to think about how can I have my baby longer and healthier. I want the same joy for you and your pets too!

Support us.


CEO & Founder.


I invite YOU and your DOG to participate in research looking for the scientific study of the doggy Chihuahua. This project will help us to understand even better how the genetics among chihuahuas can help to predict diseases and help us to understand about healthy chihuahua breeding.


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