Signs of Overheating in Your Chihuahua

During the summer, we all love to visit new places, to walk and enjoy the good weather outside. If you are an owner of a Chihuahua, then you have an extra reason to go out during this time. After all, who doesn’t like summer?

Regarding this aspect, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. As you well know, Chihuahua does not get along well with the cold. It starts to tremble as soon as it is cold. In the same time, Chihuahua can have big problems even on very hot summer days.

Of course, nobody likes extremes. The same is also valid in this case.

Considering this, you might wonder where does the upper extreme stands when it comes about your Chihuahua? How can you recognize overheating when it happens to your little dog? What can you do when the temperature of your Chihuahua starts to rise?

Well, let’s take them one at a time.

Upper Extreme in Terms of Body Temperature

While the average temperature for a dog is 38.6 degrees Celsius (101.5 Fahrenheit), the upper extreme is 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit).

Taking a Dog’s Temperature

There are two types of thermometers, the digital one and the analogue one, or the glass one. When using the last one, you have to shake it down, so that the indicator stands below the 35 degrees Celsius (94 degrees Fahrenheit).

The next step is to put it into the rectal area of your Chihuahua for about a minute.

Recognize the Overheating in a Chihuahua

–         The body feels too hot to touch

–         Intensive gaffe or panting

–         Heavy breathing

–         Excessively thirsty

–         Big tongue, abnormally long or wide

–         Vomiting

–         Weakness

–         Body temperature abode 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit)

What Can You Do?

–         Give them a break from walking in the sun

–         Good hydration

–         A couple of frozen treats (frozen food or canned food)

–         Leave the fan or air conditioning on during hot summer days

–         Bath your dog with colder water

–         Put a cooled towel on your Chihuahua

–         Take him to the vet, in extreme cases

There are times when you have to pay more attention to your little dog. Overheating is a real problem for a Chihuahua, just like it is for you. Taking care of it, especially during hot summer days or extremely humid weather is a must.

Chihuahua is a sensitive dog breed. It can be a perfect companion for you and your children if you take good care of it. However, being so small, it means that at the same time, it requires more attention from you.

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