The Benefits of Genetic Testing

Dogs have earned the reputation of “Man’s Best Friend” due to their faithful and loving nature. As our interaction with them progresses, we have learnt how to take care of them more efficiently. Nowadays, the options to dog owners are endless, haircuts, food, clothing and genetic tests, yes, you read it right, genetic testing.

How do you go about it? You may ask.

It is super simple, Petgenome will send you a carefully developed tool to collect DNA from your pet’s cheek. You will then, send the DNA sample back to us through the pre-paid envelope that you will receive with your kit and a few weeks later, you will receive via email, a detailed explanation of your furry friend’s results.

But why would I do it?

Well, genetic testing can benefit you and your pet enormously. You will discover the breed group that constitutes your pet’s family tree, diseases and mutations that will make him or her vulnerable. You will also learn if there is any medication sensitivity, also known as MDR1 or multi-drug resistance. All of these discoveries will aid your dog’s vet to provide more comprehensive and integrated care.

As with Human’s genetic testing, in dog’s, we can also identify heart disease, epilepsy and other developing conditions. Prevention is always crucial, so investing in our test will not only help you spend more quality time with your pet but will help your insurance policies. All of the benefits for a price that will surprise you, as testing becomes mainstream, costs are coming down, allowing us to help you care better for your loved friend.

Currently, Veterinary clinics are increasingly recommending it to their patients, which has helped to perfect the technology and reduce result times. To find out more about our technology, prices and results, please get in touch.

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